First Medical Marijuana College in Florida


Jeremy Bufford and his team of ganjapreneurs have established the first Medical Marijuana College in Florida. Their home office is located in Tampa and they have plans to grow throughout the state. They are hoping to get out in front of the medical marijuana wave sweeping the country.

Tampa will be home to the first medical marijuana college in the state

“This is a month-long course that will deep dive into cannabis from a historical, legal, botanical, and a pharmacological perspective,” said Founder Jeremy Bufford. ”We know that the opportunities for the medical marijuana industry in 2015 and beyond are life changing. Not just for the patients we’re going to be assisting, but also the economic impact it will bring to the area.”

Bufford has plans to expand from education into laboratory testing and cultivation should voters legalize medical marijuana in November.

Head Professor, Oaksterdam Valedictorian and Master Botanist Carlos Hermida will be using tomato plants to teach the best practices in growing medical-grade cannabis.

Interest in the course has been high with people driving all the way from Miami to enroll.

Florida will have it’s first medical marijuana vote in November after gathering the needed signatures and approval of the Florida Supreme Court. Attorney General Pam Bondi and Governor Rick Scott were unsuccessful at stopping the measure from going forward.

Medical Marijuana Tampa  is offering the four week course for $499.

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